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Experiential Technology in Healthcare Forum: VR, AR, AI, and Beyond.

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The Experiential Technology in Healthcare Forum, powered by HITLAB, will examine how emerging innovative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence change how we engage with healthcare. Join venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, hospital executives, and digital health leaders in a day devoted to the impact and opportunities of these emerging digital health solutions. 

By helping to expand dialogue, HITLAB is a catalyst for the development of healthcare innovation during this period of rapid change. We will focus on emerging technologies as applied to the opioid crisis, rehabilitation, medical education, and more.



Why Attend?

HITLAB serves as a catalyst to bring together digital health leaders, researchers, futurists, and executives to discuss the most pressing challenges facing digital health. We will focus on how emerging technologies can be applied to the opioid crisis, rehabilitation, medical education, and more.

Join, learn from, and network with others who are passionate about creating and leveraging experiential technologies to improve healthcare around the world. Connect with us if you would like to speak or present at the forum.

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