Brigit Goebelbecker, Strategy Associate

Brigit graduated from the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service, where she studied culture and politics. She studied in Ecuador and Brazil while in college, and moved to Rwanda after graduation. Passionate about behavioral economics, service design, and international development, Brigit wants to spend her career designing services that are equitable, empowering, and joyful.

In Kigali, Brigit served as Project Manager for a traffic safety project called, Bivuge!. A scale up of a successful Kenyan initiative (Zusha!), Bivuge! used behavioral nudges to encourage passengers to speak up to bus drivers when they were driving unsafely. The Bivuge! team successfully collected more traffic accident data in Rwandan than any other research project to date.

Upon returning to the United States, Brigit chose to focus on using experience design for social innovation. She first worked as Operations Design Consultant for a fintech company, Alice Financial. She then worked for the Global Development Incubator in its “Impact Escalated” portfolio, where she assisted in the research and strategy for a blockchain for social good initiative.