Christine Coyne


Christine Coyne is the Vice President of Marketing for BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals as well as an Executive Advisor to the CEO for Symptelligence Prior, she worked as a Director at both Auxilium Pharmaceuticals and Endo Pharmaceuticals. In. She spent 17 years at Wyeth-Ayerst Global Pharmaceuticalsand successfully contributed to many business units including: The Infant Nutritionals Division, the Healthcare Systems Marketing department, and the Enbrel Global Rheumatology Brand Team. Most recent, Ms. Coyne worked as aDirector of Commercial Operations within Latin America. She holds a Master Degree in Business Administration from Eastern University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages from West Chester University.  Ms. Coyne has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at West Chester University and has participated as a Board Member of MM&M Editorial Advisory Board since 2011. Ms. Coyne is a Board Member of University of Pennsylvania Women’s Health Leadership Council .