Dr. Christopher J. Stanfill is a global health and advocacy professional and has a passion for developing innovative research solutions to solve complex problems that plague vulnerable populations. Dr. Stanfill’s research is highlighted by his work in rural provinces of Laos and desire to improve wheelchair service delivery and access in these areas. His research focused on taking a quantitative and qualitative approach to understanding the effect of locally made and imported wheelchairs on user mobility and quality of life. The imported wheelchair used in this research, the Leveraged Freedom Chair, is the flagship international product of Global Research Innovation and Technology and was designed and developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Results from his work have fundamentally changed wheelchair service delivery in Laos, where more than twice as many patients are receiving high quality products that meet their specific everyday needs as a direct result of the project. Dr. Stanfill has presented the results of his research at a conference of global health professionals in Sri Lanka and at a symposium of Ministry of Health officials in Laos.

Aside from his research, Dr. Stanfill serves as a consultant to the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals and is a contributing member on the UNICEF Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities. Dr. Stanfill received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.