David Wilcox is a social change leader and the founder of ReachScale, a purpose-built global network that is scaling innovative social enterprises as well as building networks and ecosystems to shift significant resources into sustainable models for solving the world’s most intractable challenges. David has been a high visibility advocate for how sustainable models developed by social entrepreneurs—those who are steeped in the actual problems and solutions—can be combined with underutilized resources and supportive policy changes to scale solutions that become fully sustainable. The Guardian has identified David as a top ten sustainability leader in America, and he is consistently listed in the top ten percent of influencers on Sustmeme’s global CSR and Business Leaderboard. 

In his role as network designer, ecosystem builder, board member, advisor and mentor, David has worked with innovative social enterprises to identify new models for scaling breakthrough solutions to social challenges. His work in water and food security, global health and nutrition, sanitation, education and economic development has engaged him in efforts throughout the Global South. He has been a pioneer in advocating for scaling innovations, networked ecosystems, women-led solutions, and the massive movement of resources into sustainable models. His efforts have secured funding and support from USAID, Sweden, The Netherlands, South Africa and a long list of global corporations. 

David publishes on a number of leading online platforms where he has consistently achieved top readership for his articles including “’Real’ Sustainability—The New Disruptors, “ and “How Three Quiet, Seismic Shifts are Changing the Social Enterprise and Social Innovation Landscape.” He is an active content contributor to the leading social media ecosystems and is a frequent participant at conferences throughout the world.

With a dual interest in business and social progress, David has been a CEO, CMO and head of business development for a number of technology start ups, consulting firms, think tanks and digital enterprises. He graduated with degrees in economics and accounting from Weber State University and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He lives with his wife, artist Deborah Barlow, in Brookline Massachusetts