Emily Goldsher-Diamond has joined HITLAB as Associate. Her past research has examined the nexus between technology, accessibility and health. She has a particular interest in processes of innovation in the American healthcare ecosystem, and uses qualitative and ethnographic methods to study how people think about and experience technology. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program in Medical Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, and holds a Master of Arts in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. Her Master’s thesis at NYU considered how users with limb loss utilize social media as a source of expertise, and a tool for cultivating social support and wellbeing. While at NYU, Emily also worked on issues related to consumer privacy and values in technical design. She has presented her research at national conferences, including meetings of the American Anthropological Association and the Society for the Social Studies of Science. She is also a contributor to the Somatosphere, a medical anthropology collaborative. Emily received her Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied writing. 

Before pursuing graduate study, Emily worked as a communications professional with a diverse range of clients from musicians to agribusinesses. This experience helps her to translate qualitative insights for many different audiences and contexts. She is committed to the accessibility and strategic deployment of research findings in order to maximize and operationalize rich data. Emily brings a passion for the power of technology to improve health and its delivery for a diverse range of stakeholders. 

When not working, Emily enjoys trying out new recipes, exploring Prospect Park with her dog, lifting weights, and going to book readings and literary events.