We are pleased to announce the winners of HIT Lab's semester-end student, faculty, staff, and alumni awards!

Excellence in Innovation Award -- Rachel Figueroa, HITLAB assistant director of human resources. This award is given to individuals who successfully deploy innovation and improve outcomes in their field; it encourages those who use innovative methodologies to achieve extraordinary results. Rachel received this honor in recognition for leveraging innovative channels to recruit individuals for our organization.

Distinguished Volunteer Award -- Tigest Tamrat. The honor recognizes individuals for their outstanding contribution to HITLAB's efforts in improving public healthcare outcomes, and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of volunteers at the lab. Tigest received this award for the Spring Term of 2011 for her volunteer research efforts on the outcomes effectiveness of wireless devices on maternal and pre/neo natal healthcare in developing healthcare systems around the world.

Academic Achievement Award -- Sharad Maloo. Members of the HITLAB community who exhibit exemplary academic performance receive this award. Sharad earned the honor for his extraordinary work and class ranking in the management department over the past two years.