According to the U.S. Census, "In 2013, the percentage of people without health insurance coverage for the entire calendar year was 13.4 percent, or 42.0 million."

One factor that contributes to this uninsured rate is how difficult it is to navigate health insurance websites and get information on what technical terms mean. Think back to last year's open enrollment experience with crashing on the first day it opened. First impressions are lasting, and we all have to work a little bit harder on making a good one.

Imagine the power of equipping healthcare experts with the tools to prototype and design? To insert in their workflow new resources that exist beyond word documents and PowerPoints? Instead of building PDF forms, because that's all you know how to do, you can build dynamic online forms with simple out-of-the-box tools. Imagine the possibilities that occur because healthcare experts and designers will be speaking the same language and using the same tools. We believe in this power, and that's why we invited ProtoHack, the company that brings you codefree hackathons, to present a VIP workshop at our HITLAB Innovators Summit. During this session, industry experts will learn prototyping tools and design-thinking frameworks on how to think and communicate ideas efficiently.

Beyond building beautiful visuals, apps, and websites, applying these skills to other realms of healthcare provides better patient experiences. Imagine recruiting and engaging clinical trial participants in a way that makes sense in our busy schedules and collects information dynamically? Imagine if we could aggregate day-to-day feedback on how the participants are doing without requiring them to come to the study site? We'll be addressing this possibility with Dr. Sumu Sethi's talk on design-thinking in clinical trials at the HITLAB Innovators Summit.