Co-founder and CEO, Hans Fuernkranz, Ph.D.

Hans NVS.jpg

In May 2010, we were a group of bioanalytical detection experts frustrated by healthcare’s infrastructure paralysis and the unavailability of capable, yet affordable technology. We understood that meaningful change in the healthcare landscape could not occur if costs continued to spiral out of control. Better patient care is possible at significantly lower cost. So, we created NVS Technologies Inc. to provide state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices in an easy-to-use package, with the goal of enabling better healthcare everywhere.

We focused on a few key innovations to develop products at a significantly lower cost without losing any of the required sophistication and capabilities. Our deep and broad technology experiences enabled us to modify and integrate critical chemistry components and to take advantage of proven, mass-produced technologies to make our products inexpensive and robust. Today, we have created a platform designed to provide many diagnostic applications (e.g. infectious disease detection, antibiotic resistance, food safety and environmental applications), thereby benefiting hundreds of millions of people in healthcare systems around the world.

To date we have been exclusively government-funded, which has been advantageous through the feasibility and early development phases. However, this funding cannot be used for regulatory approval and commercialization. Therefore, the opportunity to be in front of stakeholders and investors as a HITLAB World Cup finalist is timely and very welcome.

We are currently looking to raise sufficient institutional investments to commercialize our diagnostic product. These efforts include FDA approval, CLIA waiver, sales and marketing, and global distribution.