Jean Nehme, co-founder and CEO of Touch Surgery

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While Andre Chow and I were surgical trainees together at Imperial College London, we felt first-hand a real need for an accessible practice tool that would allow students to better learn and rehearse surgical procedures before stepping foot in the operating room (OR).

When we weren’t focused on surgery, we spent quite a bit of time researching virtual reality simulation and robotics. Eventually, we came up with the idea for  Touch Surgery, a mobile surgical simulation platform, based on our experience in surgical training. We taught ourselves to code to build the first beta, and now have a team of developers, animators, designers, and even more surgeons to help grow Touch Surgery, all with a common goal of creating the most accurate and realistic surgical simulations possible. 

Touch Surgery is currently available as an app on iTunes and Google Play. It provides surgeons with a cognitive surgical task simulator, which allows them to learn and rehearse surgical procedures before ever entering the OR. We’ve created over 40 procedures, in a multitude of surgical disciplines, which allow for surgical students and specialists alike to rehearse operations before entering the OR at their own convenience. We currently have 250k users, and have seen nearly two million tests and lessons performed within our platform.

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We aim to be an integral part of surgical education curriculums, as well as a practice tool for every surgeon in the world to help them perfect their technique. Our end goal is to improve the quality and patient outcomes of surgery globally. Everybody in the world could be impacted by our product offering, from surgeons, to surgical trainees, to medical students, to patients who wish to be more empowered in the decision-making process or would like to understand more about the care they are receiving. We have users in nearly every country in the world and, in line with our mission to create better surgeons worldwide, our app is completely free.

We’re excited to be HITLAB World Cup finalists and to share Touch Surgery with even more people.