Chiara Bell, Founder and CEO

Today, there are over 71 million paid and unpaid caregivers in the U.S. Having worked at nursing homes for ten years, I’ve witnessed first-hand the unwavering dedication of caregivers who touch patients every day through their work. I believe caregivers deserve so much more support and recognition in our country. Without them, our long-term care system would crumble. Careticker was started because I noticed that there wasn’t an incentive structure for those who deliver the majority of the care in our country today—the caregiver!

For over a year, our small and dedicated team has worked with hundreds of caregivers to learn and understand exactly what they endure every day. We built Careticker understanding their need for better support, recognition and training. It is imperative that our healthcare system establish a new model for incentivizing the care provided by caregivers to our rapidly aging population. Careticker does it with a platform that supports and recognizes caregivers.

Currently, we have strategic partnerships with both a large life sciences company and health plan touching millions of caregivers each day. In 2015, we will be implementing Careticker with several large health plans representing over one million covered lives!

It is an absolute honor to be a finalist at the HITLAB World Cup, and we look forward to sharing our vision for a new model of care delivery and incentivizing caregivers. Being selected to present along with the other finalists is an extraordinary opportunity to introduce Careticker to a global audience.