From virtual reality products for surgery and mental health therapy, to applications that incentivize caretakers and providers, this year’s HITLAB World Cup finalists showcased the best and most promising healthcare technologies during the inaugural HITLAB Innovators Summit. It was a tough competition, and all of the finalists were simply amazing. But after considerable deliberation, HITLAB World Cup judges determined a winner: NVS Technologies, Inc.!

Representing the NVS Technologies Inc.’s team, Hans Fruenkranz, the company’s CEO and co-founder, demonstrated how their molecular diagnostics machine provided “state-of-the art technology at affordable prices in an easy-to-use package to enable better healthcare." Imagine the possibilities when providers around the world can have access to cutting-edge tools that help diagnose diseases and manage care down to a patient’s genetic code! For physicians working in low-resource settings, this means they will no longer have to transport the lab tests to be diagnosed in a faraway facility. Rather, they will be able to administer the test and provide results on their own, effectively saving days’ worth of patient care time. HITLAB congratulates Mr. Fruenkranz and the NVS Technologies Inc. team for their outstanding product and contribution to biotech innovation!

HITLAB also congratulates all the HITLAB World Cup finalists for their incredible products and presentations. Each finalist was awarded a round-trip ticket to New York City, hotel accommodations, and a monetary prize in the following order:

First Place ($10,000): California-based NVS Technologies Inc.

Second Place ($5,000): Florida-based CareTicker

Third Place ($3,000): California-based Owned Outcomes

Honorable Mention ($1,000 each): Barcelona-based Psious and London-based Touch Surgery

Clinton Foundation's Health Initiative Matters Community Innovation Award: New York-based Healthify


Photo by JBJ Pictures

Photo by JBJ Pictures

HITLAB would also like to thank the 2014 HITLAB World Cup judges for their time and participation: Dr. Peter Fleischut, associate chief innovation officer at NewYork-Presbyterian; James Sweeney, co-founder of Tangramcare; Avani Vaidya, director of innovation at NewYork-Presbyterian; Klaudyne Hong, co-founder of PEACH Intellihealth; Stan Kachnowski, chair at HITLAB.

And to all HITLAB World Cup participants and HITLAB Innovators Summit attendees, HITLAB thanks you for being part of a very memorable event! We look forward to seeing you next year!