As a part of our research effort with Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, HITLAB has initiated a new research initiative to evaluate and develop strategies for integrating contact tracing and lab testing systems into a biometric-based tuberculosis (TB) treatment solution.

Currently, the Dell Family Foundation is working with another non-governmental agency to roll out the biometric Patient e-Compliance solution to 153 locations in New Delhi and several other Indian states. Using biometric fingerprint readers, the system keeps track of patients’ visits to local clinics to receive their regularly scheduled treatments. Ensuring individuals comply with their medication regimen supports a higher cure rate and helps to prevent relapses and spread of the disease. So far, the solution has successfully cured 30,000 patients, with treatment success rate of almost 90%, and more than 180,000 infections have been averted.

Over the next two months, HITLAB teams in India and New York will analyze the existing Patient e-Compliance system, develop recommendations to integrate population-wide Lab Testing and Contact Tracing systems, and evaluate the overall effect of the integrations from scalability aspect. The Lab Testing system allows local health works to identify patients who have tested positive for TB and then refer individuals to a specific center for treatment. Officials use the Contact Tracing system to identify and then possibly diagnose and treat family members and others who come into contact with TB patients. Fully integrating all three systems, including creating a unique patient identifier, will help streamline processes and eliminate duplicate information.

HITLAB will work toward:

·         Integration of the three distinct systems – e-Compliance, Lab Testing and Contact Tracing system – to achieve better productivity and efficiency in treating patients and improve reporting.

·         Improving the backend EMR and reporting system for e-Compliance so that the senior management can get a better view of the performance of centers and counselors who are treating the patients.

We at HITLAB are proud to be associated with Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, and e-Compliance project. We believe that this project has a potential to alleviate the burden of TB in the developing world.