HITLAB and the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India (DMS, IITD), a school dedicated to scientific / technical education and research, have had a fruitful, longstanding association. 

Stan Kachnowski, Research Chair at HITLAB, has been teaching at DMS, IITD since 2006. Over the years he has taught a variety of courses that relate to healthcare technology and innovation, mentoring hundreds of students at the Institute. As part of our commitment to professionally develop DMS, IITD students, HITLAB instituted a Summer Internship Program in 2008 called “Delphi – Developing Emerging Leaders in Public Health Internationally.” The program has been successfully running since then and has benefited students in numerous ways.

We asked some of the interns to describe the experience in their own words and here’s what they had to say.

Pranav Baj (DMS, IITD / HITLAB Summer Intern, 2012) began, “My experience at the HITLAB Internship Program helped me grow professionally and also laid the foundation for the direction my career took. The program was tailored to my goals and aspirations.”

He continued, “The collaborative and open work environment at HITLAB helped me generate new ideas and solutions to tasks at hand. Innovation across the board was a driving force for the team at HITLAB as we worked on complex problems.”

Pranav concluded, “As part of the internship program one gets to work alongside a highly motivated diverse team of people, which I believe is one reason for the many success stories written at HITLAB.”

Another summer intern, Sharad Maloo (DMS, IITD / HITLAB Summer Intern 2010) commented, "The HITLAB Summer Internship is an extremely rewarding program and I have realized its real value during my three years of working as a consultant. At HITLAB I had the opportunity to work with ‘best in class’ researchers and thought leaders in the technology innovation space for healthcare. The experience has helped me successfully manage my North American Health Provider clients!”

Sharad added, “Not only did the program provide me with exposure to the US healthcare industry, it was an unparalleled professional development opportunity. The experience of working in a small, close-knit group of diverse peers who have a strong focus on innovation is very different than a regular summer internship at a large corporation. HITLAB is phenomenal when it comes to coaching and training young professionals and ensuring that their stay in NYC is fun. I will always cherish the camaraderie…”

This summer, HITLAB is pleased to welcome Madhukar Sikaria, who is working toward an MBA at IITD. He’ll assist with a variety of projects here at the Lab.

Madhukar is passionate about improving healthcare delivery across the world and plans to pursue a career in this sector. He is especially interested in corporate strategy and intends to major in operations during his final year at business school. He believes that, in this competitive environment, efficiency of supply chain can act as a differentiator for organizations, directly impacting their bottom line.  Madhukar hopes to use his knowledge and training in operations to streamline corporations and improve their efficiency. 

The team at HITLAB is looking forward to working with Madhukar as well as continuing our valuable association with DMS, IITD.