The past two days have been incredible and, as we publish this, the Summit isn't over. Conversations, collaborations, and figuring out future partnerships ... that's what's happening now.

In case you haven't been following #HITLABsummit, here are the highlights:

In the news

SocialWellth, HITLAB Partner to Expand mHealth App Curation on HIT Consultant

How Do You Validate a Digital Health App? on mHealth Intelligence

Top tweets

@SumuSethi  Thank you @HITLABnyc Fully saturated with ideas & very motivated to make a difference #HITLABsummit #patientsfirst

@Medidata  We must work the #patient voice into #digitaltech design to optimize usability for diff. conditions. #HITLABSummit @elpdumont @cornell_tech

@yvonnebok  Preventable fatalities in US #3 killer. Tech can help by increasing efficiency, eliminating waste. Leo Bodden #nyphospital #HITLABsummit

@sabritajo  Translating big data into big insights #NewCognitiveEra #AI @IBMHealthcare @WatsonHealth @HITLABnyc #HITLABsummit #digitalhealth

@startuphealth  Healthcare Transformers at #HITLABsummit! @unitystoakes @mouthwatchpro @savor_health @Wellthie @ClariFlowBPH

‏@CycleTechGlobal  Empowering the Consumer to Lead Strategy #HITLABsummit @startuphealth @savor_health @ClariFlowBPH @mouthwatchpro

 ‏@NatHarward  "Networks create speed, speed creates opportunity." - Glen de Vries, @Medidata pres & founder #HITLABsummit

 @yvonnebok  If you're starting a company, figure out how to be profitable as soon as you can. #startups @CaptainClinical @Medidata #HITLABsummit

‏@JimLebret  'Emotion inspires action' great talk by @SharonMandler @saatchiwellness #HITLABsummit #livingservices #digitalhealth

@sareve  To attract investment for health innovation, find what resonates in people's hearts -@MedStartr #HITLABsummit

‏@MeetDominique  "NY Metro area has diverse population characterized by high health disparity." #OlgaCrowley #HITLABsummit @HITLABnyc

@BrianLRMan  Fascinating insight into public health data. @HITLABnyc leading the way... #ItsAllAboutTheOutcomes #HITLABsummit

@babnis  #HITLABsummit #hba what would happen it we look at the zip code as the patient group? How would that shift the questions? benefits? value?

@JimLebret  Healthcare elephant in the room: the poor interpretation of regulatory intent @lionbandgeek92 @nyphospital #HITLABsummit #futureofhealth

@babnis  #HITLABsummit #hba @Zansors love that you are taking our understanding of sleep to the next level via an integrating sensors and app

‏@sareve  Cognitive computing can help us predict, personalize, and prevent. And we need to spend more money on prevention! @IBMWatson #HITLABsummit

‏@sabritajo  Dr. Kyu Rhee on using artificial intelligence to eliminate disparity #HITLABsummit @IBMWatson #digitialhealth

@yvonnebok  What matters most? How many people have you helped? Who's better off thanks to your work? @AbdulElSayed #HITLABsummit

@BrianLRMan  Wonderful & insightful closing remarks from @AbdulElSayed @HITLABnyc #HITLABsummit -- see also http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB9874.html?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=rand_social …

@yvonnebok  We in digital health must innovate keeping disparities in mind or we risk increasing them. @AbdulElSayed #HITLABsummit

@sabritajo  @KerryKennedyRFK in the house #digitalhealth #mhealth #socialjustice #HITLABsummit @HITLABnyc @RFKHumanRights

‏@lamvivianw  Our very own summit director comes full circle in this year's gender diversity in hit! #HITLABsummit

@DynamikEndeavor  Patience is really good practice for changing the landscape of innovative strategic Thinking through diveristy in licensing. - #HITLABsummit

@SocialWellth  The Democratization of Health as an Experience - David Vinson at 2015 HITLAB Summit #HITLABsummit @HITLABnyc

@eFuturist  @socialwellth CEO we have to demystify Apps! We live in a world of App-itis so we need Xcertia to set health App standards #HITLABsummit

@curate_this  "Give someone an app, engage them in a moment. Give them an experience, engage them in a journey" @SocialWellth @HITLABnyc #HITLABsummit

@kag010  Activate consumer engagement w/digital health apps by making the experience personally relevant. @SocialWellth #HITLABsummit

@eFuturist  @SocialWellth CEO David Vinson says it's about Experiences not Apps in #digitalhealth at #HITLABsummit @MandiBPro

@Wellthie  Starting our morning at #HITLABsummit discussing #innovation, #design & consumer led strategy @HITLABnyc @SJ_Poblete http://ow.ly/i/eWQkO

@JonMonteiro_NYP  Thankful to be a part of such an innovative summit @nyphospital #Innovatenyp #HITLABsummit #HWC

@curate_this  "Design is a field of concern, response, and inquiry as often as decision and consequence" @HITLABnyc #HITLABsummit

@LaurenMacKay7  Kill the concept of 'copy/paste' product development with the Design Thinking approach #HITLABsummit 


Stay tuned for a full report next week!

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