Cancer, the “emperor of all maladies,” presents both patients and caregivers with a host of challenges, not only from a patho-physiological perspective but also in terms of bottlenecks that exist in efficient care delivery.

Empowering caregivers may go a long way toward addressing the challenges of a continuously evolving cancer landscape. Further, technology supporting this industry has yet to catch up with most of the overhaul that healthcare has experienced in general, over the years. There is a growing need for new solutions to help cancer care providers streamline workflow so they can focus on delivering quality patient care. Leveraging data analytics in the fight against cancer can be pivotal to resolving existing challenges.

Flatiron Health, providers of cloud-based software and analytics in oncology, have recently unveiled the OncoCloud (TM, a comprehensive suite comprising OncoEMR, OncoAnalytics and OncoBilling software offerings along with the Oncology Care Model (OCM) initiative, with strong potential to improve cancer care delivery in community oncology practices. These recent advancements in software features and infrastructure—aimed at optimizing clinician workflow—were underlined by extensive needs analysis, ethnographic and technical research, and feedback from users of EMR platforms. How this translates to improved user experience is nothing short of impressive. Here is a snapshot of the platform’s features and benefits:·       

  • Integrated clinical and partner resources at the point-of-care
  • Meaningful data for clinical and operational insights
  • Modernized and enhanced EMR user experience
  • Embedded evidence-based treatment guidelines; integrated care plans
  • Availability of order templates for breast and non-small cell lung cancers (with regimens for additional cancers to follow)
  • Integrated functionality: offers bespoke and automated reporting of quality measures and helps in identifying patients eligible for enrollment, thereby reducing data entry errors
  • Enhanced analytics to provide practices with a clearer view of drug costs and reimbursement activities, thereby enabling providers to better analyse payer and distributor trends for revenue planning
  • Improved support for participating cancer care providers to meet the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation's new Oncology Care Model reporting requirements

In partnership with the Virginia Cancer Institute and backed by Google Ventures, First Round Capital, Roche, and others, Flatiron’s disruptive platforms are already making strides in connecting cancer centers across the United States. A refreshing approach to addressing unmet needs of cancer patients and their care providers, such comprehensive support could change the face of cancer, helping the oncology community deliver better and more efficient care. For more, read here and watch here