Left to right: Dale Barracks, Frank Fries,  Andrea Schaaf, Pratibha Chander. Photo credit: Laura Pugliese.

Left to right: Dale Barracks, Frank Fries,  Andrea Schaaf, Pratibha Chander. Photo credit: Laura Pugliese.

Twice a year, HITLAB gathers to celebrate the achievements of its extraordinary team. On a spring afternoon, several staffers received special recognition for their outstanding contributions: 

Waveney Golbourne Award: Frank Fries

The Waveney Golbourne Award honors staff members who display kindness, generosity, patience, and commitment to all they encounter within our extended community, including the Mary Woodward Lasker Hall, the Audubon Biomedical Center, and the larger Columba University campus. 

Frank Fries—HITLAB’s Director, Information Technology and Product Development—arrived at HITLAB just a few months ago and has quickly impressed all those with whom he interacts.

Frank plays both internal and external facing roles at HITLAB. Staff members know they can count on Frank to maximize IT services in support of their often complex initiatives. Customers and vendors rely on Frank to guide their projects and products through complete lifecycles (conception, development, release, and maintenance).

In every instance, Frank brings not only impressive expertise, but also outstanding professionalism, so that projects are a pleasure. We’re grateful for his significant contributions! 

Commitment to HITLAB Award: Dale Barracks

Dale Barracks—HITLAB’s MIS Manager—has displayed inspiring commitment to HITLAB as we’ve grown. He is always available to address issues of concern with both impressive knowledge and unfailing kindness, helping every staff member to work efficiently so that HITLAB as a whole achieves its goals. Dale has seen us through numerous research projects, not to mention events large and small—all of which have required great patience and skill. We couldn’t be more thankful for his devotion to HITLAB!

Excellence in Research Award: Pratibha Chander

Pratibha Chandler, an Associate at HITLAB, has demonstrated her excellence in research through several intricate projects.

She’s brought a unique perspective to HITLAB, having studied not only biology but also philosophy as an undergraduate, analyzing the science and ethics of healthcare.  With a master’s in public health—specializing in epidemiology—as well as a certificate in health policy and practice, combined with a strong interest in finance, Pratibha is able to lend a multidisciplinary perspective to grants at the Lab. Her passion for pursuing real world research focused on impact sets her apart from many other young professionals.

HITLAB Impact Award: Andrea Schaaf

This semester, we’re pleased to offer a new award honoring employees who have made a significant impact on HITLAB itself. 

Our first recipient? Andrea Schaaf. Throughout her tenure at HITLAB, Andrea has embodied HITLAB values of innovation, collaboration, impact, and curiosity. She’s supported several projects across the evaluation and diffusion work streams. In particular, her work on the HITLAB Innovators Summit helped HITLAB achieve our hoped-for impact.

Congratulations to all our honorees! We are grateful for the work you do.