Calling all digital health leaders, venture capitalists, and technology innovators: Registration is now open for the inaugural 2017 HITLAB Symposium: Palo Alto, sponsored by Novo Nordisk. The one-day event will be held on Monday, October 23, and focus on opportunities and obstacles in digital health diffusion.

Event topics will cover ever-advancing digital health areas including augmented reality, mental health, personalized medicine, robotics, machine learning, and more. The overarching theme will be leveraging technology to accelerate the diffusion of digital health, something that pushes us forward at HITLAB. By assembling speakers from leading organizations like Google, Amazon, Novo Nordisk, and more, we’ll be able to cultivate conversation around diffusion in an intimate, non-promotional setting.

“Palo Alto is the perfect venue to discuss the merger of technology and digital health,” said Dr. Nishita Rai, HITLAB executive director. “Companies that have a stake in digital health, from nimble startups to the largest technology organizations, are beginning to focus on diffusion, benefiting patients, consumers, and hospitals alike. It’s encouraging to see the industry as a whole heading in this direction.”

“Novo Nordisk is excited to be in Palo Alto to explore the many ways digital health solutions can make a positive impact for patients,” said Amy West, Senior Director, Patient Centric Marketing & Digital Health Innovation, Novo Nordisk. “Through our sponsorship of the 2017 HITLAB Symposium, we aim to raise awareness of innovation in the digital health space and its potential to connect patients with industry-leading treatments and technology solutions that may improve their lives.” Follow the button below to view a complete speaker list, event details, and register for the 2017 HITLAB Symposium: Palo Alto, sponsored by Novo Nordisk.

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If you won’t be venturing to Palo Alto in October, the symposium is only the beginning of our fall event season, which leads into the fourth annual HITLAB Summit and World Cup (prizes totaling $75,000) in NYC.