Lois Drapin is founder and CEO of The Drapin Group LLC, an advisory and consulting firm for CEOs, executive teams, and investors in the pharmaceutical and digital health sectors. Her clients are emerging companies and intrapreneurial initiatives operating in a “build” mode.  Lois' extensive and long-standing relationships are the engine for partnerships, alliances, new market entry, and successful business and corporate development.

In her past life Lois has worked in various full-time, consulting, and advisory capacities with companies such as Adidas, WebMD, Wyeth, United Healthcare, Kognito, Happtique, , Vivometrics (the LifeShirt), Physicians Interactive, Skyscape, Johnson & Johnson, Treato, WEGO Health, Clinical Care Options, and Healthline Networks. She has also spent several years working in the behavioral health field as a consultant to a group of Wharton graduates with their long-lived consulting group focused on behavioral healthcare, assisting providers with their transition to managed care, managed care contracting, and establishing the first network of 30+ private behavioral health hospitals in the U.S. to ‘carve-out’ mental health and substance abuse.

Currently, she is embedded as senior vice-president, new health markets in the executive team at Kognito, an award-winning immersive learning company. Kognito develops and disseminates immersive learning experiences that simulate challenging conversations about health and social issues using fully animated, emotionally responsive virtual human technology, driving significant and sustained changes in health and behaviors. She is a contributing special topics correspondent for HIT Consultant Media.

Lois holds an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master's degree in health services administration from the New School for Social Research in New York.