Emerging Technologies

By Sahil Kapoor, MBA, M.Tech; Manager, HITLAB India


HealthPatch MD- Continuous real time connection between doctors and patients

The burden of chronic illness is increasing at a rapid pace worldwide. Managing chronic conditions at home is an enormous challenge. How about a technology that can connect doctors to patients with 24/7 access to medical data? This will not only allow physicians to monitor their patients continuously, but also empower them to make prompt and reliable decisions. Such technologies have the potential to revolutionize telemetry in healthcare by simply streaming medical data in real time to provide valuable predictive insights.

Vital Connect, a California-based medical device company, has designed such a breakthrough technology. HealthPatch MD is a cutting-edge innovation that offers remote monitoring of multiple vital signs in real time and is well-suited for home as well as clinical settings.

This wireless and lightweight device consists of a reusable sensor module and a disposable patch. It adheres to the chest and continuously tracks comprehensive vital signs and biometrics, including single-lead ECG, heart rate (HR), HR variability (HRV), respiratory rate (RR), RR interval, skin temperature, posture, fall detection and activity with steps. The flexible adhesive patch can be worn under clothing for 24 hours, and even while bathing as well as exercising.

The sensor has a battery life of 48-72 hours. It employs Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to a mobile device that transfers information by Wi-Fi to the cloud (meeting HIPAA and data privacy guidelines). This makes it feasible for physicians to receive notifications whenever physiological data falls out of range. Consequently, doctors can intervene with suitable advice and medication. Also, patient data can be used to perform analytics.

HealthPatch MD, an FDA-approved biosensor, is available in United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada. It is a versatile device with reliable relay and cloud connectivity. Undoubtedly, HealthPatch MD is a state-of-the-art technology for transforming the healthcare industry.

To see the HealthPatch MD in action, click here.