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HITLAB is looking for certified mental health professionals who provide care to underserved populations to participate in a paid research study. Specifically, we are looking to better understand patient and provider insight on a mobile therapy platform that allows patients to schedule visits and conduct sessions over video chat. All data from this study is HIPPA-protected and will be kept anonymous.

Before enrolling in the study, providers would recruit one of their clients to the study to complete 2 counseling sessions through the app. Providers would have an initial interview either in person or over video chat; clients would be enrolled either in person or by phone. The 2 counseling sessions would be reimbursed by the study for up to $60 per session. 

Participants must:
- Be over the age of 18
- Read, write, and speak English                                                                          - Providers must be licensed mental health professionals                                - Patients must have an iPhone or Android

The study would last for one month. In addition to reimbursement for the two sessions, providers will receive $150 compensation upon completion and clients will receive $100.

Note for clients of providers: Participation in this study is completely voluntary and if you choose not to participate it and will not affect the services you receive from your provider. 


Email trucircle@hitlab.org or call (917) 349 - 2528