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Welcome! If you are looking to connect with a global network of experts in digital health innovation and teaching, you have come to the right place. HITLAB’s team of public health professionals, data scientists, clinicians, engineers, economists, strategists, designers, and anthropologists is determined to address healthcare needs—and redress inequalities—across the globe.

We can help you formulate stories on a  range of healthcare topics: wearable technologies, digital health tools efficacy and integration, applied big data, streamlining health systems, creating efficiencies, formulary redesign, and of course HITLAB itself. We can also connect you with HITLAB experts in India, the Netherlands, Ghana, Argentina, Canada, and our home base, New York City. Please contact us at 212-543-0100 or for additional information.



HITLAB is a healthcare innovation lab that helps leading organizations ideate, create, evaluate, and diffuse technology-based solutions to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide.

Our scientific, multidisciplinary approach allows us to effectively investigate digital health research questions, providing stakeholders from all sectors of the global healthcare system with meaningful ideas and products, as well as an evidence base across numerous therapeutic and geographic areas.

HITLAB is committed to accelerating the diffusion of digital health impact through education across communities and continents.

Our Partner Organizations

HITLAB has partnered with a broad range of leading organizations including the City of New York, Cleveland Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, Columbia University, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Express Scripts, the Government of Canada, the United Nations, the University of Miami and others.  

About the HITLAB Innovators Summit and HITLAB World Cup

The HITLAB Innovators Summit brings together leaders in public health, medicine, technology, and design to discuss health issues and solutions in a three-day live event. The Summit offers a series of carefully curated talks, panels, and collaboration opportunities to engage the most creative minds in health and technology. The 2017 event will focus on "Opportunities and Obstacles in Digital Health Diffusion."

The HITLAB Innovators Summit culminates in the HITLAB World Cup, an international challenge of unparalleled diversity where innovators present original digital health solutions to pressing global healthcare challenges. 

Media Contact

Phone: 212-543-0100