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By Sahil Kapoor, MBA, M.Tech, Manager, HITLAB India

Turn your smartphone into a cancer diagnostic tool

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in humans. In North America, one in five people will develop skin cancer; one person dies of melanoma every hour. We often ignore moles/spots on our bodies but these moles may turn into melanoma. Regular skin check-ups are recommended by doctors, but how many of us comply? Now, though, it’s possible to use a smartphone-powered app to monitor the skin for cancer.

MoleScope by MetaOptima is a tiny device that attaches to the camera on your smartphone. Simply use the device to take high quality images of your moles, then send these images to a dermatologist via the cloud-based analytical platform “DermEngine.” You will be notified whether your mole is suspicious. MoleScope comes with its own IOS compatible app that is HIPAA compliant and connects seamlessly with the DermEngine web platform. 

This smartphone-based medical technology helps detect skin cancer at an early stage. Individuals don’t have to wait for days and weeks to receive feedback. They can self-examine their moles and consult doctors for online mole checkups. MoleScope is a valuable gadget for regions where cancer specialists are not available and a boon for Telehealth systems. 

It is a cutting-edge technology for cancer detection. According MetaOptima, early detection can increase survival rates up to 98% as compared to 15% for those diagnosed late-stage. The MelaScope is currently available for the iPhone5 onwards. This digital health innovative technology was launched at World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver in 2015 and is available as both a “home edition” and a “medical professional edition.” For more information, click here.