Sara Chokshi, DrPH, is currently with the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science at NYU School of Medicine's Department of Population Health. Applying her knowledge and experience with the healthcare system along with expertise in measurement and qualitative research methods, Sara contributes to a variety of projects related to improving health services through digital innovation. In addition to her work in digital health, Sara is an inaugural member of the Family Advisory Council as well as the NICU Advisory Council at NYU Langone’s Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, and has participated in multiple projects over the last 10 years related to quality, safety and patient- and family- centered care at NYU Langone.

While completing her dissertation, Sara worked for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene where she focused on assessment of prevalence and burden of poor mental and behavioral health and improving quality of related health services in NYC.

Sara received an MSPH in Social and Behavioral Science Applied to Health at the University of South Florida after completing her BA in Medical Sociology at New College of the University of South Florida in Sarasota.