FAQ’s: Speaking at the HITLAB Seminar Series


How does HITLAB find speakers for the Seminar Series?

Most of our speakers are selected by HITLAB from our worldwide community of healthcare innovators, however we welcome proposals through this application form. The application should provide a compelling argument supported by evidence or a depth of expertise, emphasize digital health innovation, and identify a method, design, or technology that improves health outcomes. The presentation should not be a pitch for services, but should convey deep learning in the respective field.


I want to be speaker. Do I need to find someone to nominate me?

No, you can nominate yourself or nominate someone else.


Should I get my friends and colleagues to also nominate me?

No, it doesn’t help to submit multiple applications. Only one application is necessary to nominate a speaker.


When should I expect to hear a response back?

HITLAB will review all nominations and get back to everyone who submits a nomination in a reasonable period of time. We are always on the lookout for cutting edge research and ideas , however there are only a limited number of speaking opportunities available. HITLAB reserves the right to choose speakers based on its sole discretion.


Where are the events held?

Usually, the events are held in New York City on the Columbia University Medical Center campus. The exact room location may vary and will be provided to confirmed speakers before the event.


What is the presentation format?

The Seminar Series events can follow a number of formats given the topic discussed and the preference of the presenter. The events begin at 5:30pm and the presentations are usually one hour long. Following the presentation is an hour-long networking reception. Here are two presentation formats that have been successful, although we are open to other formats upon request.

  • Interview format: pre-determine up to 10 questions to be asked by a HITLAB researcher or other interviewee. This format allows for a 5 minute introduction by HITLAB, a 35 minute live interview, and 20 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

  • Presentation format: This format allows for a 5 minute introduction by HITLAB, a 35 minute presentation (with or without a .ppt deck), and 20 minutes of Q&A from the audience.


Who attends? How many people?

Seminar Series attendees are comprised of the HITLAB community of students, scientists, physicians, information architects, and healthcare professionals across the NYC metro area. There are usually between 30 to 50 attendees at each event; of course attendance, like other circumstances, may vary and is  subject to change.


Do speakers receive any compensation?

HITLAB does not pay speakers and does not cover travel expenses.  


What benefits are there to presenting at the HITLAB Seminar series?

The Seminar Series is part of HITLAB's mission of accelerating the impact of digital health innovations. . Through these events, we hope to bring together the healthcare community and help diffuse healthcare innovations.


Will all speakers be recorded and posted on the internet?

As part of sharing knowledge, we may post videos of the presentations on our HITLAB YouTube page and may incorporate speaking engagements and presentations into other media in cooperation with the speaker. Not all presentations, however, may be posted online. Depending on the presentation, and permission from the speaker or their organization, we hope that we will be able to share knowledge with the HITLAB community.