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HITLAB's Seminar Series bridges the gap between academic and professional healthcare. Our series serves as an outlet to facilitate connections and provide networking and growth opportunities for digital health professionals.

Since 2007, our Seminar Series has brought together leading experts – including scientists, physicians, IT architects, public health practitioners, and investors – who share a single vision: to design and scale innovative technologies that improve health outcomes around the world.

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Catch a few of our favorite Seminar Series talks

Reimagining Mental Health Care
Dr. William Carson, President & CEO
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization

Accelerating and Derisking Your Health Startup
Steve Barsh, Managing Partner
Dreamit Ventures

HITLAB and Google
HITLAB and Johnson & Johnson
HITLAB and AdhereTech
HITLAB and Aetna
HITLAB and Click Therapeutics
HITLAB and Bayer
HITLAB and Novartis
HITLAB and Dreamit
HITLAB and Otsuka
HITLAB and Montefiore