Here to help you perfect your digital health strategy.

We work with teams to determine the best way to engage with digital health. Whether you need rigorous pilot testing for a product or want to know more about the digital health landscape, our four service pillars support your goals. Read on for a sampling of our service offerings:



We work with you to navigate the dynamic digital health ecosystem and harness the power of technologies. We create specific, actionable, and scalable digital health strategies.


We help our partners develop and deliver high quality and high value digital health solutions. We work across the entire development lifecycle – from initial product discovery to delivery.


We use research to make evidence-based decisions when working across the lifecycle from concept to scale. Our expertise includes IRB-approved human subjects research, pilot studies, and more.


We work with you to bring your concepts to scale, and provide platforms that help you share your impact with the audiences and people who need it most.


Case study highlights

Project Catalyst: Understanding caregivers' technology needs.

Despite enormous advancements in consumer health technology, there is little research on what digital solutions family caregivers want and need  to help them care for their loved ones. Project Catalyst and HITLAB partnered to generate an evidence-based understanding of caregivers' relationship to technology.


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