In working with healthcare entrepreneurs from around the world, HITLAB recognized a growing problem: while some of the best and brightest minds in the world are developing innovative solutions to healthcare problems, they lack access to resources needed to realize the full impact of their ideas.

Entrepreneurs with great ideas, including those from emerging economies like India, China and Brazil, are restricted by their lack of regulatory, clinical, branding and marketing expertise – resources that are crucial to successfully grow and diffuse even the best healthcare solutions.

To bridge this gap, HITLAB ideated whitebox, a digital platform that can connect entrepreneurs with resources. Entrepreneurs in India creating a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device, or scientists in China developing cuff-less blood pressure monitors, are linked with the capital and expertise required to take their innovations from garages and research labs to the market.

To create the whitebox platform, HITLAB’s internal team of innovators first collaborated to identify specific pain points and obstacles for those who are trying to innovative in healthcare. These pain points were identified through observational research, personal experiences, and conversations with dozens of entrepreneurs from around the world. HITLAB discovered that industry experts want to share their expertise, but entrepreneurs struggle to connect with the right expert with knowledge tailored to their needs. Additionally, corporations with investment funds often struggle to find the right innovation to supplement their investment portfolio or strengthen their business model. The need for a single platform to connect innovators, experts and funders was clear.

Brainstorms and prototype iterations led to burst of inspiration and creative ideas as to how these pain-points might be resolved. Research evaluation was done to understand how other companies and comparable solutions were approaching these challenges, where their solutions were falling short, and how they could be improved upon.  

HITLAB software developers and designers worked in parallel to build a platform that resolved these problems, establishing a brand that was simple, credible, and empowering.