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Women in Digital Health Leadership Panel



April 26th

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We are the future of digital health.

We know that hiring more women in digital health leadership positions is better for business. But we also know that digital health has a diversity problem: men still make up the majority of funded digital health CEOs. How can women leverage their experiences and expertise in digital health to create more gender equality in the field? And what can we do to foster collaboration, connection, and support to ensure women have the opportunities to lead new digital health projects?  

HITLAB is proud to partner with Healthify to present our first "Women in Digital Health Leadership" panel. Join us for an authentic and candid conversation with female leaders in our field about the challenges, barriers, and immense opportunities of digital health, followed by the opportunity to connect and network with other female-identified digital health professionals. 



Who Should Attend? 

This event is open to anyone who identifies as female and works in a space that touches on health, tech, or somewhere in between.

You should attend if you: 

  • are interested in learning more about digital health and how it applies to your career
  • are interested in digital health and want to learn more about what kinds of work exists in the field
  • are looking for opportunities for mentorship and networking in your digital health career 
  • want to contribute to the conversation around how we can make digital health more inclusive, diverse, and representive
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Meet Our Speakers

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Jessica Federer - Former Head of Digital, Bayer 



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Want to get involved?

Our vision is to create a series of panels that work to address the many diverse experiences of different communities, stakeholders, and topic areas within digital health. If you're interested in co-hosting, sponsoring, or supporting a future panel, or if you have an idea for a topic you'd like to share, please get in touch! 


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