November 28-30, 2023 • Columbia University

December 6 @ 12:30pm ET

San Francisco Networking In-Person Event

January 7, 2024

Strategy & Research

We Build Health Solutions

Our Services


Have a healthcare idea you’d like to see created? We help entrepreneurs to develop industry-altering ideas and bring them to life.

Emerging Companies

We help emerging healthcare technologies to test and verify their solutions through programs like Breakthrough

Established Businesses

From strategy to user experience design, we help companies create healthcare solutions that last.

We partner for the future of healthcare.

Offering: Business Strategy, Customized Research, Rapid Scientific Studies, User Experience Design & More

An accelerator program to help startups rapidly test their healthcare technology ideas.

An exclusive professional development platform for individual executives to amplify their brand and impact in the global medical technology ecosystem through connection, education and inspiration.

A 3 day in-person event bringing together the industry’s best for discussions, interviews, and networking.

A dynamic community with weekly conversations and an annual challenge to foster innovation.

Monthly panels giving a live audience the chance to hear from industry leaders in the healthcare space.

The HITLAB Promise

We catalyze change to bring life-changing health tech into patients’ lives.