Improving lives through impactful technologies.

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At HITLAB, we believe technology and health can work together to improve the quality of health delivery and healthcare worldwide. We use rigorous research and evidence-based methods to identify the best digital health solutions for each of our partners.

HITLAB digital health innovation


Students and professionals taught via HITLAB programming including global live and streaming events

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HITLAB Venture Funding


Follow-on funding earned from past HITLAB World Cup winners like NYC-based AdhereTech and Medisafe

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Approach-based healthcare studies and research


HITLAB studies conducted over time using evidence-based approaches under our four service pillars

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HITLAB Independent organization


Fiercely independent with no investment stake in organizations served

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Simple values. One big picture strategy for digital health.

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We work with diverse stakeholders to disrupt and improve health technology. We're passionate about using innovations like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, machine learning, and big data to make a difference in healthcare delivery.

HITLAB Values Integrity advancing healthcare and life


We are independent and work in the best interest of advancing human life.

HITLAB evidence-based approach


We use evidence-based approaches to guide our insights and shape our work.

HITLAB knowledge, skills and experience in digital health


We build on synergies from our leaders' diverse knowledge, skills, and experiences.

HITLAB Values Teamwork for best results


We collaborate across groups, functions, organizations, and borders to deliver the best results.

HITLAB Values Agility with personalized results


We are nimble and provide rapid, personalized results for our partners.


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