Meet John, Our New Executive Director


We’re thrilled to introduce John Hammitt as HITLAB’s new executive director. John has spearheaded multiple technological solutions in both the business and healthcare sectors, and has more than 40 years of experience working in this field.

“John is a natural global digital health leader. Few have worked in the field for as long as he has. He incorporates innovation into everything he encounters, and has a wealth of experience turning great ideas into reality” says Stan Kachnowksi, HITLAB chair.

A lifelong innovator

Throughout his career, John has brought an innovation mindset to diverse companies like eJNJ, Morton-Thiokol, Pillsbury, and United Technologies. In 1997, John moved to healthcare and stayed.

“In healthcare, I found an industry that inspired passion where I could have the greatest impact on the most individual lives,” says John. From 1997 until his retirement in 2007, John held several leadership positions at Johnson & Johnson in healthcare innovation. He served as global CIO and Vice President of Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics and Vice President for Global Networking and Computing Services. Simultaneously, as president of eJNJ, John focused on finding and building emerging and innovative technology-based healthcare solutions for Johnson & Johnson’s family of companies.

From HITLAB Senior Fellow to Executive Director

John soon found himself advising startups in the areas of healthcare and digital innovation. He has led startups including Hx Technology and Secure-I, founded Sunrise Advisors and served as a board member to QuickStart Global, and helped establish Healthper and UV Therapeutics.

In 2015, John joined HITLAB as a senior fellow. He has played a crucial role in advising sponsors on best practices for technology-enabled health innovations, helped teams overcome innovation barriers, and established ways to verify innovative ideas with evidence-based discipline.

“HITLAB is an extraordinary place where evidence-based, digital health insights help form solutions that impact lives around the world,” John says. “I’m thrilled to be joining HITLAB’s leadership team during this time of accelerating growth and broadening influence. Our goal is simple: find results that through rapid market diffusion will improve the lives of as many patients as possible. I’m excited to have the opportunity to accelerate HITLAB’s growth and broaden its impact.”