Meet the Five TechCrunch Disrupt HealthX Finalists

TechCrunch Disrupt Finalists

UPDATE (9/7): Congratulations to Veta Health for winning the Extended Innovation Challenge and Wavy for winning the the Hackathon Challenge at the inaugural Novartis HealthX World Series!

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 is finally here, and our partners at Novartis are debuting the HealthX World Series, a new global startup challenge with its sights set on sourcing the highest quality early-stage startups and ideas disrupting patient care. At the Novartis TechCrunch Disrupt booth, the five inaugural HealthX finalists (Cardios, Medable, Pulse, Veta, Wavy) will pitch live for $30K in prizes on day two! Read on to meet the finalists.

Cardios is an intelligent data analytics platform that’s being built to solve heart failure monitoring. We want to help 26 million heart failure patients around the world live healthier by encompassing key elements of a cardiovascular consultation and precision medicine into a self-monitoring platform that’s accessible through automated phone calls and smart devices. Cardios will generate actionable insights by using internationally research-verified questions and passively acquired data from smartphones/wearables to evaluate each patient’s cardiovascular state in a similar way to cardiologists. Cardios could identify deteriorating patients earlier and inform patients so that physicians can review their management plan and minimize re-hospitalizations.

Medable is advancing research and discovery and transforming healthcare through human connection and deep insight. Through our award-winning technology stack, we provide researchers, investigators, and providers the ability to collect, analyze, and share patient-generated data in real time, significantly reducing the cost and time it takes to derive real-world insights. On our secure, HIPAA-compliant, “no coding required” platform, patient and provider facing apps are easy to build and quick to deploy, enabling rapid enrollment, meaningful engagement, actionable insights, and better health outcomes. Our advanced analytics platform combined with medical grade device data will help to not only identify biomarkers of diseases like cardiovascular disease but provide patient-centered technologies that will engage patients and allow monitoring of key vitals that can predict the likelihood of cardiovascular events and notify caregivers preemptively, allowing proactive care and reduction of unnecessary care, reduction of readmission, and improved medical outcomes.

Pulse is a health deterioration monitoring service for families and friends of outpatients with heart failure that monitors risk and suggests timely interventions. We track health statistics using consumer wearables which monitor a patient’s activity level, sleep quality, and heart vitals. Family members and friends can participate in the recovery process by monitoring their loved one’s health status in our mobile app and by receiving alerts. Data is collected passively while the patient goes about their lifestyle. Using the data and outcomes, along with machine learning methods, we can identify if a patient is at risk of deteriorating and alert their family and friends to take action. At Pulse, we enable a community to participate in the recovery and monitoring process of a patient diagnosed with heart failure.

Wavy is the smart partner for your heart, by connecting everyday wearable devices and smart home speakers. In a perfect world, we would always be there for the most important people in our life, especially those needing medical attention. Unfortunately, we can't look after anyone 24/7. But Wavy can. Wavy uses smart consumer devices that seamlessly integrate into everyday life to watch over vulnerable people and will intervene if necessary. Wavy learns from smartwatch data about your personal health status and keeps monitoring for changes. As a user, you can easily communicate with Wavy through smart home speakers. Wavy tells you how you or your connected friends and family are doing, how you are progressing over time and in case of an emergency Wavy can alert anyone you choose, even emergency services. Wavy looks after your vulnerable loved ones using affordable smart products that integrate seamlessly into their lives.

Veta Health
Veta Health is an EHR-integrated, HIPAA-compliant solution that brings personal health data into a clinical setting. Our personalized product provides real-time, actionable insights to improve care delivery and patient outcomes. With the Veta Health platform, providers are able to remotely monitor patients and intervene early, shifting from episodic care to continuous care. In return, patients better self-manage their health in the outpatient setting.

 What's next?

On Thursday, September 6, finalists will pitch live for the following prizes: First place includes $12K, a validation study (where appropriate), dedicated Novartis mentors, access to Novartis data lakes, free space and use of fabrication equipment, frequent encounters with industry leaders and investors through events, office hours, and networking opportunities.

- First place (Novartis Hackathon Challenge): $12,000 USD
- First place (Novartis Extended Innovation Challenge): $12,000 USD
- Second place: $3,000 USD
- Third place: $2,000 USD
- Fourth place: $1,000 USD

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