Meet the HITLAB World Cup Finalists: Innovators Transforming Diabetes Care


One of our goals at HITLAB is to make healthcare simpler and more intuitive. We created the international HITLAB World Cup competition to improve healthcare delivery, access, and outcomes. This event identifies and supports innovators who help patients around the world manage, understand, and take part in their health. Past winners have gone on to raise over $50 million in follow-on funding and launch commercially viable products that are transforming lives.

This year’s event, the 2017 HITLAB World Cup of Voice-Activated Technology in Diabetes presented by Novo Nordisk was centered on Type 2 diabetes, a condition affecting over 422 million people worldwide. Our finalists created innovative solutions using voice-activated technology to make it easier for diabetics to manage their care. At the HITLAB World Cup, the five demos were judged on their impact, innovation, sustainability, and feasibility, with a grand prize of $50,000 going to the winner and $75,000 in total prizes.

“The finalist pool represents the most innovative thinking in digital health, specifically as it relates to voice-activated technology,” said Margaret Griffin, HITLAB Deputy Director of Ideation. “The concepts presented will unequivocally impact the lives of people living with Type 2 diabetes, and their disease management.”

Learn more about our winner and the other finalists below! 

Lighthouse Logo.png

2017 HITLAB World Cup Winner! 

LIGHTHOUSE helps people living with diabetes take the right next step in their diabetes health plan. This voice-activated application connects patients to their personalized education and activity plan to pursue their health targets, and enables physicians to bill between-appointment care to Medicare.

There is an incredible gap between what people know they should do and the actions they take in support of their long-term health. LIGHTHOUSE helps patients close that gap, build great lifetime habits and support their broader care team in delivering the best care. Soon, we’ll be with a patient everywhere they make choices, fundamentally changing the quality of their life. We believe that the power of voice wipes away barriers of technology apprehension, literacy and language, and will be a critical influence on the long-term health of everyone.

1st Place

Macadamian Logo.png

My Diabetes Coach, created by Macadamian, is a cloud-based application specifically for young people with Type 2 diabetes. It provides personalized voice-enabled support to help better manage care, and integrates data from wearables and, via an AI engine, identifies patterns where a patient might need more assistance from their care team.

Type 2 diabetes is a significant and increasing burden in adolescents and young adults with the number of youth suffering from the disease expected to climb by 49% over the next 30 years according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Patient-centered solutions like My Diabetes Coach, designed in a holistic fashion specifically for these vulnerable patients, are needed to address this issue effectively. Solutions that provide education, peer-to-peer mentorship, and coaching in a way that changes patient behavior at a young age will have a significant impact on mitigating the complications of the disease as these patients enter middle age.

2nd Place

T2D2 Logo.png

T2D2 is a voice-first solution empowering diabetics to manager their health independently by seamlessly integrating support into their daily routine. Offering personalized nutritional assistance and connected social support through Alexa Skills and a special chat-bot, T2D2 simplifies dietary self-management for diabetics. With an emphasis on sustainable but impactful dietary adjustments, T2D2 connects patients to healthier ingredients, habit suggestions, and portion control.

Nutrition is the first line of defense against Type 2 diabetes, but it’s hard to sustain drastic dietary changes. By making nutrition easier, T2D2 will improve health and quality of life for patients with diabetes. With a focus on nutrition, T2D2’s market can easily be expanded to the 84 million Americans with prediabetes, many of whom are highly motivated to improve glucose control. T2D2 leverages voice technology to transform complex data science into insights that feel more like magic than math when the user is in their kitchen or out to lunch.

3rd Place


Proof is a voice-activated system powered by blockchain to support diabetic patients and their caregivers. The service supports patient-provider relationships and makes it easier for diabetics to communicate with their care team. User data is protected by decentralized electronic medical records, but remains accessible to those who need it. Following a value-based reward system, Proof distributes bitcoin for rendered services.

We recognize the difficulties of a patient being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and how it's going to impact most aspects of daily life. The quality of communication within diabetes impacts future patient self-care and well-being. Proof believes that this symbiotic relationship, where a caregiver can be a friend and patient, can pave the way for new type of value-based-care service. Through the blockchain, global patient-specific communities can all help one another and earn real money for doing so.

4th Place

Palette Logo.png

Palette redefines diabetes care and lifestyle data with its innovative smart placemat that tracks the nutritional content of your meal through biomarkers. It sends that data to physicians, where it’s incorporated into part of the treatment plan to improve overall health outcomes.

We target PwD (person with diabetes), especially those newly diagnosed, by closely working with their physicians and caregivers. Palette provides PwD users and physicians with much needed comprehensive meal and lifestyle tracking and intelligent behavior management to reduce claim costs for employers and health plans. We are excited about Palette because it synchronizes lifestyle data with biomarkers for the very first time in the industry and guides diabetes care with clear behavior and medical evidence. The voice-enabled Palette makes the intense transition of patients new to diabetes easy through seamless lifestyle integration.

5th Place