The intersection of today's and tomorrow's digital healthcare.

Founded in 2015 by HITLAB and NYC/EDC with the vision of catalyzing and accelerating emerging digital healthcare technologies.

Amplify your impact on global healthcare.

We leverage connection, education, and inspiration to unlock the future potential of tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

Expand your influence through networking events.

Access insight, industry trends and breaking news.

Receive clean transcripts and slides from all live events.

Accelerate your networking with exclusive introductions.


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Global Members

ExtendHealth Consultants Inc.

Head of North America Regulatory

Senior Director, Global Clinical Study Management 

Co-founder & President

Executive Members

Associate Director Global Market Access

Vice President of Client Solutions

Co-founder & CEO

Manager, Digital Health Partnerships

Business Development Executive

URIC Director, Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing

Director of Operations, Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing

Founder & CEO

Principal UX Designer, Bailey Studios

Professional Members

Director of Consulting

Medical Head, Digital Healthcare

General Members

Alex Fotupoulos, Attorney, Law Offices of Alexander Fotopoulos
Ali Omrani, Co-founder, OPTT Health
Aline Orrantia, BSIM, Orca Ventrues
Alireza Jahangir, Pfizer

Amir Dandan, Enterprise pharmacy manager, New York Presbyterian
Andrea Henderson, Director, Partner Solutions & Executive Search, Humanity Health
Anne Roseblum, Business Investment Manager, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
Ari Deleray, PHC & Digital Health Strategy Manager, Roche
Aryeh Katz, CTO, 6Degrees
Asish Punnose, Senior Program Manager, Abbot

Ashish Agarwal, CEO & Founder, Solvuu
Barry Mcdonogh, Business Development, TruTag Technologies
Bishen Singh, Digital Advisor, Microsoft
Burt Zweigenhaft, Managing Director, Upstream Partners
Cal Austin, Innovative Customer Experience Lead, Pfizer
Carin Berger, Quality Coordinaytor, Invoise Medical
Cat Steccato, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, EnvisionWell
Chrsanthi Dori, VP Technical Services, Medidata
Cindy Borassi, Director Oncology and Rare Disease, GoMo Health
Daniel Miin, Managing Director, Mesirow
David Lee, Patent Attorney, Carter DeLuca & Farrell
Derek Brand, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships, Columbia University
Disha Goswami, Director, Digital Health Solutions, Solera Health
Dr. Kelly Mudesire, CEO, White Wolf Advisory Services, LLC
Emma Mediavilla, AD Operational Transformation, Novartis
Eugene Manley, Director, STEM Workforce Initiatives
Farzad Ehsani, CEO, Innsightful
Gail Port, CEO, eHealth Analytics
George Mathew, Chief Medical Officer, Americas, Dedalus
Gurdeep Sareen, Regional Director of Pharmacy Population Health, Optum Care Tri-State
Heather Fraser, CEO, Synthera Health
Heidi Edelstein, Co-founder, Verbena
Henry Pittman, Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Global Strategic Connections 360
ilker Hacihaliloglu, Co-founder & CTO, Pons
Inna Marquard, CMO, MIndr (Goldacare Inc.)
Jan Choy, Director of AI/ML, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Jasmine Keypour, Pharma Director
Jeffrey Huth, Principal, JGH Advisory, LLC
Jennifer Celio, Connected Strategies and Clinical Partnerships
Jessica Rothenberg, Director, Life Sciences Industry Marketing, Salesforce
Jim Leamon, Director, Medical and Digital Device Development
Joy Williams, CEO & Founder, SoulJoy Wellness
Julia Komissarchik, CEO, Glendor, Inc
Justin Bulova, Marketing and Communications Strategist – Recruiting, The D. E. Shaw Group

Rajnish Jaiswal, Founder, Healthify

Kat Jong, Psychiatrist, Katherine A. Jong, MD, PLLC
Kelly Benning, President, LiveMetric
Kelly Mudesire, CEO, White Wolf Advisory Services
Kimberley Schaefer, Director of Life Science Solutions & Consulting, Softserve
Kristi Slack Leisinger, VP of Strategy & Innovation in Healthcare, Copperleaf Consulting Group
Kyoku Tokuda, Operations Officer, World Bank
Lata Setty, First Founding LP, HowWomenInvest
Lindan Guirguis, CEO, Liveli Inc
Liping Wu, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Johnson & Johnson, Consumer Health

Maarc Aajes, CEO, Deliberate AI
Mark Howansky, Director, BMS
MaryAnne Rizk, Chief Strategy Officer, Medable
Martin Sornes, Founder, Hearoll Medical Inc
Matt Lewis, Global Chief Medical Analytics and Innovation Officer, Medistrava
Matt Mezer, Executive MBA, Columbia Business School

Matt Tang, Honest Medical Group
Max Simonovsky, Founder&CEOP, Soapy – Clean Data
Mayfair Afiah Aboagyewah, Senior Clinical Nurse, Mount Sinai Hospital
Melinda Sharma
Melissa Lockhart, Clinical Consultant, Dr. Melissa Lockhart, PhD, GNP, FNP
Melissa Saw, Digital Health Leader, Bayer
Melissa Sutherland, Director / PM / Consultant
Milton Jones, Digital Technology Strategist, APEX Digital Imaging, Inc.
Nick Mandala, Sr. Director, Pfizer
Nikita Chizhov, CEO, Rehabwheel
Nina Williams, Pharmacy Project Specialist, AmerisourceBergen
Nurlan Tulepbergenov, General Manager, HITMOUNT
Pejman Sharifi, Partner, Fox Rothschild
Praveen Mehta, Associate Chief Medical Executive, James Lovell Federal Health Care Center
Prem Narang, President, P.K. Narang Strategic Consulting

Rashmi Singh, State Street Bank & Trust
Rishabh Mehreja, Managing Director, dRx Capital, Novartis
Robert Kloots, Owner, MediqAid
Rubin Pillay, Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ryan De’Lrami, CEO, TeleVU
Samah Ibrahim, RA and PV Director, Organon
Sara Ort, Head of Sales, EzriRx
Sarangaraja Singaravelu, Digital Transformation Strategist, HCLTech
Sol Green, Head of Pharmacy Development, EzriRx
Soner Haci, CEO, Pons

Sudha Ramaswami, Arcus Biosciences
Thomas Bronner, Managing Principal, The Renaissance Group
Uri Goren, Blogger, e-Pochonder
Xiaohui Hou, Senior Economist, World Bank
Yetunde Olowe, MH PhD, NYP/CUMC Affiliated

Monica Feldman, Founder, Longevity Ruler

Elaine Zacharakis, Health, Privacy and Technology Attorney, Zacharakis Loumbas Law, LLC



  • Expand your influence and grow your network through exclusive events.

  • Access insight, industry trends and breaking news.

  • Receive clean transcripts and slides from all live events.

  • Accelerate your networking with VIP introductions each month.

  • Stay informed on the latest trends in global digital health investments.

  • Private monthly salons and exclusive digital ​health book author Q&As.

Given the success of HITLAB's Breakthrough Alliance, a member organization that includes some of the top organizations in healthcare, technology and life sciences, we are excited to be able to expand the offering and its benefits to individuals who are seeking networking and professional development within the digital health space.

— Bill Taranto, CEO of Merck Global Innovation Fund. Chair of Breakthrough Alliance.

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