Catalyzing change in healthcare.

We help promising healthcare startups to research and verify their breakthrough idea, at zero cost.

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Previous startup success stories

Over-subscribed venture capital raise of $2.4 million.

Expanding to include new services and audiences.

Doubled funding and tripled size of team after the study.

Secured a commercial partnership with Goretex.

We partner with innovative startups to spark change in digital healthcare delivery.

Through a yearly application process, we open our doors to promising startups, with the aim of helping them overcome the hurdle of research and fostering connections with global healthcare brands who could benefit from innovative technologies. 

Sponsoring Members Include:

We offer the following benefits to selected innovators at no cost:

Refinement of key concepts and prototypes from healthcare professionals.

Design and implementation of a study to rapidly verify the core innovation.

Opportunities to develop strategic relationships with industry leading brands.

Zero cost to apply, zero cost to participate, no equity taken by HITLAB.

Breakthrough bridges the gap between industry-leading healthcare companies and the promising digital health startups that will help shape our tomorrow.

Our application process

Call for

Rolling Review
of Applications


Final Review
& Selection


Study Design


Final Study

Applications for the spring 2021 cohort are now closed.

Learn more about becoming a board member, alongside fellow industry executives.

About Breakthrough

HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance was created to accelerate digital health innovations through evidence-based research and insights. This new digital health alliance is a subscription-based service with a mission to improve health outcomes and care delivery from verifying emerging technologies and research—driven by the perspectives and strategies of its members.

NYCEDC launched the Digital Health Breakthrough Network in 2016 as part of its broader efforts to facilitate growth in New York City’s healthcare and life sciences sectors. Now, HITLAB operates the program independently and continues to provide prototype testing services to the digital health ecosystem.