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Research / Strategy

Data Scientist – Virtual, Part-Time

Strategy Manager – Virtual, Full-Time / Part-Time

Research Coordinator – Virtual, Full-Time / Part-Time

Innovation Coordinator – Virtual, Full-Time / Part-Time


Partnership Development Associate – Virtual, Full-Time / Part-Time

Grant Writer – Virtual, Part-Time

Office 365 Coordinator – Virtual, Part-Time

Marketing / Experiences

Videographer – Virtual, Part-time

Event Associate – Virtual, Part-time

Event Manager – Virtual, Full-time/Part-time

Photographer – Virtual, Part-Time

Graphic Designer – Virtual, Part-Time


Program Manager – Virtual, Full-Time / Part-Time

Update for jobseekers applying to HITLAB during COVID-19

During these times of uncertainty, HITLAB is dedicated to providing a safe, first-rate hiring experience to all applicants.

Is HITLAB still hiring?
Yes. We are actively recruiting for positions across our research, marketing and strategy departments for temporary, part time, full time and contract positions.

Are job interviews still happening?
Yes. To keep candidates safe, all communication will be handled via email and interviews will take place either via telephone and/or video call via Zoom. Travel for interviews is prohibited until further notice.

Are new hire orientations still happening?
Yes. To minimize risk, any and all new hire orientations will take place on video call via Zoom.

What are you doing to keep employees safe?
All employees are working remotely until further notice.