Staying healthy and informed in a global crisis.

We’re here to help.

These are unprecedented times and we must come together so that we can recover from this devastation, stronger and more unified. In order to contribute to the recovery effort, HITLAB has reached out to partners and collaborators to curate credible and meaningful information. It is our mission to ensure impactful healthcare technologies are available for those that need them most.


Please see below for our list of helpful resources. If you would like to suggest an addition, please contact us.

Free COVID-19 Telehealth Assessment

We teamed up with Ro to bring you a free COVID-19 online assessment. If appropriate, we’ll connect you with a medical provider for a free consultation.

HITLAB Seminar Series
We’re bridging the gap between academic and professional healthcare. Our series facilitates connections, networking, and growth opportunities for digital health professionals.
We're Sponsoring Digital Advancements
The HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance is looking for promising digital health innovators to catalyze solutions in light of COVID-19.
For Healthcare Providers
Montefiore Medical Center created a training video (22 minutes) for health care providers on addressing their own COVID-19 anxiety. Presented by Dr. Dana E. Crawford, Director of Trauma-Informed Care, and Dr. Miguelina German, Director of Pediatric Behavioral Health Services, Montefiore Medical Center.
For Business Owners

US Chamber of Commerce provides a summary of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides FAQs regarding section 139 Qualified Disaster Relief Payments. See if your business qualifies.

US Department of Labor provides more information on paid sick leave and family credit.

US Small Business Administration provides assistance in applying for Economic Disaster Loans

NYC EDC offers additional resources to businesses located in New York City, NY

For Everyone

Headspace, the mindfulness app, is offering all health care professionals free access to all its content through 2020. Subscriptions can be redeemed by providing NPI and email address.

CNET provides an expansive list of online educational resources, apps and games.

Free apps for exercising from Down Dog until June 1st for general public and July 1st for teachers, students, and healthcare professionals.