Meet HITLAB's Fellows and Scholars

We believe innovation happens when people with diverse approaches, experience, and training have the opportunity to work together.

Our fellows are a global community of industry professionals, academic researchers, doctors, and influential thinkers who contribute to our culture of innovation.

Featured Fellows

Healthcare & Life Science Leader

“Digital health has the potential to deliver a transformative innovation in healthcare by enabling the prediction, prevention and treatment of disease, and empowering people with the knowledge, insights and tools to live a healthy life.”

Dean at IIHMR, Delhi

“Digital Health is the way forward for promoting health and healthcare. Telehealth will encourage Active Assisted Living in a planet where the population is growing old.”

Current HITLAB Fellows

Robert Jahreis​

Senior Director, Technology

Emily Kunka

Digital Health Innovator

Doug Williams

Chief Product Officer 

Ted Witek

Professor & Senior Fellow

Rachel Braun Scherl

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Khristina Butenko

Head of Product and Business Strategy

Paul Sonnier

Digital Health Thought Leader

Kiran Suryadevara

Product Manager, Data Intelligence

Cole Manship

Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Sarianne Gruber

Women’s Health Tech

Charlie Garland

The Innovation Habit

Greg Bauer

Strategist at Healthcare Innovation Technology Lab

Melva T. Covington, M.P.H., M.B.A., Ph.D


Julia Walsh


Ami Rambhia, M.D., M.P.H

Clinical Research

Justin Bulova

Marketing Strategist

Meg Columbia Walsh

Director, Global Market Market Leader, Healthcare and Life Sciences

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