Julia Feldman, Research Associate

Prior to joining HITLAB, Julia integrated different psychological theories and methodology in her research to understand the multifaceted nature of motivation and self-control. Her research works to understand the factors that 1) interfere with and facilitate switching from automatic to controlled responding, 2) impact how people choose to regulate their emotions, and 3) influence the decision to aggress after being socially rejected. Julia has a background in several data collection and analysis techniques including electrocortical measures (EEG), reaction time, choice data, and meta-analysis. Julia also enjoyed teaching numerous undergraduate courses at Stony Brook University such as, Research Methods and Writing, and Social Psychology. 

Julia is passionate about health-promoting research and looks forward to using her research skills to encourage positive health outcomes through innovative healthcare technology.

Julia received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Queens College, and her PhD in Social & Health Psychology and certificate in Quantitative Methods from Stony Brook University.