EmpowerHer Wellness: Navigating the Intersection of Women’s Health and Mental Well-Being 

April 25 @ 11am – 2pm ET


“EmpowerHer Wellness: Navigating the Intersection of Women’s Health and Mental Well-Being” delves into the crucial connection between women’s physical health and mental well-being. Through a holistic lens, this theme explores how factors such as reproductive health, societal pressures, and personal experiences intersect to influence women’s overall wellness. By addressing these intersections, the conference aims to empower women with knowledge and resources to prioritize their health and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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Chair Global Health & Purpose

Global Wellness & Benefits Manager

Global Fellow, HITLAB ; Founder, Regulatory Strategist, InnoPathwayz

Managing Director

Program Director, Information Management

Investor of Digital Health ; BTA Europe Chair

Senior Manager, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Executive Director, Commercial Insights & Analytics

Director, Global Wellbeing & HR Employee Policies

Entrepreneur In Residence

Digital Health Consultant


Director, Workforce Development

Chief Product Officer

Director, Client Services

Co-founder, Product & Clinic Lead

Chief Compliance Officer

New Business Development Leader Europe, MCC & Womens Health




Advancements and Challenges in Women's Health: A Look at 2023's Game-Changers and 2024's Potential Breakthroughs

Anna Zornosa, Entrepreneur in Residence, NIH Seed

Exploring Investment Opportunities and Impact in Women's Health Innovation

Bill Taranto, President, Merck Global Health Innovation
Anne DeGheest, Managing Director, HealthTech Capital

Navigating the Professional Climb: Women's Mental Health and Resilience in the Workplace

Christina Anderson, Program Director, Information Management, NC Department of Health and Human Services

Bridging the Gap: Advancing Women's Healthcare Through Advocacy, Innovation, and Holistic Care

Michelle Ubah, Senior Manager, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kaiser Permanente

Championing Change: Harnessing WHTI Board Leadership to Drive Innovation, Collaboration, and Advocacy for Global Women's Health Equity

Stan Kachnowski, Chair, HITLAB

Amy West, Head of US Digital Transformation & Innovation at Novo Nordisk

Mental Health in the Workplace

Geoffrey M. Roche, Director, Workforce Development, Siemens Healthineers

Empowering Women's Health: Dama Health's Vision, Impact, and Advocacy

Paulina Cecula, Co-founder of Dama Health

Inspecting the Digital Health Frontier: Investing in Women's Health Innovation in Europe for Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

Laurent van Lerberghe, Board Member, Chair, Breakthrough Alliance Europe

Strategies for Cultivating Mental and Emotional Well-Being in the Tech Industry: Insights from a Global Wellness Professional

Zina Manji, Founder, Regulatory Strategist, InnoPathwayz
Celeste Harrington, Global Wellness and Benefits Manager, Microsoft

Empowering Women's Health: A Deep Dive into Vital Start Health's Innovative Initiatives, Collaborations, and Future Strategies

Nina Joshi, Managerial Consultant, Strategy & Design, Kaiser Permanente
Kirthika Parmeswaran, CEO, Vital Start Health

Driving Health Equity: Exploring the Imperative of Investing in Women's Health its Transformative Impact

Nina Joshi, Managerial Consultant, Strategy & Design, Kaiser Permanente
Abigail Pohl Pierce, Associate, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund LLC

Empowering Mothers: The future of Maternal Health

Emily Napier, New Business Development Leader Europe, MCC & Womens Health, Phillips

Integrating Legal Compliance and Leadership for Effective Women's Health Initiatives: Strategies, Communication, Teamwork, and Partnerships

Melissa Lore, Chief Compliance Officer, FFF Enterprises

The Current Landscape: Challenges at the Intersection

Ebony Travis Tichenor, Director, Global Wellbeing & HR Employee Policies, Boston Scientific

Unveiling the Mental Health Landscape: Exploring the Impact of Societal Expectations, Lifecycle Challenges, and Socioeconomic Factors on Women's Well-being

Nina Roth, Director, Client Services, Ellipsis Health

Melissa McCool, Chief Product Officer, Ellipsis Health


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