Digital Waves: Transforming the Health Ecosystem & the Impact of Digital Technologies on the Health Industry

July 25 @ 11am – 2pm ET


This month’s Digital Health Symposium will feature a spotlight on various topics related to health

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Director, Health Innovation Product Strategy

Digital Health Investor, Ballas Invest & Chair, Breakthrough Alliance Europe

Executive VP, Head of Media

CEO & Founder

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

CEO & Founder

Director, Industry Partnerships

AI and Innovation Lead, Nuerology

WW Lead – Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft For Startups

Digital Biomarker Lead

General Manager/Director. Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc.

Global Head of Digital Strategy

Managing Director




Digital Biomarkers: Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Early Detection and Personalized Medicine

Laurent van Leberghe, Founder & CEO, Ballas Invest & Chair, Breakthrough Alliance Europe

Sachin Shah, Digital Biomarker Lead, GSK

Comeback Mobility: System for designing weight-bearing rehab programs after lower limb fractures

Ilya Popov, Founder & CEO, Comeback Mobility

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Transforming Healthcare with Digital Health Solutions

Vic Tandon, Director, Health Innovation Product Strategy , Blue Shield of California

Digital Waves in Parkinson's Care: Exploring Transformative Technologies and Their Impact on Health Management

Apurva Zawar, Founder, BeyondRehab, Assistant Clinical Professor UCFS Health

Navigating Digital Waves: The Evolution of Intelligent Devices in Healthcare

Joanne Watters, General Manager/Director, Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Information Mediary Corp.

Digital Waves in Healthcare: Charting the Future of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

David Salmon, Global Head of Digital Strategy at AstraZeneca

Empowering Health-Tech Startups: Accelerating Growth Through Strategic Partnerships with Microsoft

Sally Frank, WW Lead – Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft for Startups

Exploring How AI Can Interface with Medical Offices

Carl Rosen, CEO and Founder CallDR™ with Exit

Empowering Healthcare Innovation: Leading Global Teams to Transform Digital Pathways

Stan Kachnowski, Chair, HITLAB

Chrysanthi Dori, VP, Technical Services, Medidata

Unleashing Digital Wireless Technologies: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery and Patient Care

Amy West, Head of US Digital Transformation & Innovation at Novo Nordisk
Donald Jones, Managing Director, Cardiff Ocean Group & Chief Digital Officer , Scripps Research Translational Institute

Digital Waves of Change: Innovating the Healthcare Ecosystem to Support the Menopause Journey

Amy West, Head of US Digital Transformation & Innovation at Novo Nordisk
Z. Colette Edwards, Chief Medical Officer & Founder, Pausitive Health

Building Bridges: Industry Partnerships in Medicine's Digital Transformation

Amanda Goltz, Director, Industry Partnerships, Stanford University School of Medicine

Breakthrough Alliance Knowledge Convene

Yameena Zehra, HITLAB
Jerry Antimano, HITLAB

Neuro-Digital Frontiers: Harnessing AI to Redefine Neurological Care in the Digital Era

Emily Lewis, AI and Innovation Lead, Neurology, UCB

Digitizing Hospital Supply Chains: Enhancing Efficiency, Resilience, and Sustainability"

Randy Subramany, Director, Supply Chain, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital


Stan Kachnowski, Chair, HITLAB

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July 2024 Digital Health Symposium

July 25, 2024 @ 11am – 2pm ET

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