Nourishing Hearts & Minds: Celebrating Nutrition and Review of HIMSS & VIVE

March 28 @ 11am – 2pm ET


Embark on a comprehensive exploration of nutrition, wellbeing, and cutting-edge healthcare technologies at our upcoming event. Join leaders from Merck, Elevance Health, NYU Biolabs, UChicago Med, Scripps Research, and others as they delve into the following intriguing topics:

1. Pediatric Nutrition and Food As Medicine: Strategies for Enhanced Healthcare Outcomes

2. Elevating Wellness: Embracing Paradigms for Value-Based Health

3. Navigating Generational Differences in the Modern Workplace: Bridging the Gap, Embracing Diversity, and Adapting to Tech-Driven Dynamics

4. Fueling Well-Being: Exploring the Intersection of Nutrition and Artificial Intelligence in Health

Additionally, gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in healthcare technology with reviews of HIMSS and VIVE. Hear firsthand accounts of the transformative impact of technology on healthcare delivery, and discover how these innovations are shaping the future of patient care.

Register today to immerse yourself in discussions led by experts at the forefront of nutrition and healthcare technology. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to stay informed and inspired!

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Director, BioLabs

Global Fellow

Founder & CEO

Managing Director

Global Fellow

Director, Supply Chain

VP, Patient Success

Chief Executive, Trusana

Chief Privacy Officer

Chief of Digital Health

Chief Digital Officer

Senior Director, Lifestyle Medicine




Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains: Harnessing Technology and AI for Efficiency and Patient-Centric Care

Bill Taranto, President, Merck GHI
Randy Subramany, Director, Supply Chain at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Elevating Healthcare Excellence: Navigating the Future with Value-Based Care

Dr. Glennis Mehra, Director, Biolabs @ NYULangone

Beyond Investment: RH Capital's Strategic Synergy in Catalyzing Women's Health Revolution

Lauren Driscoll, Founder/CEO, NourishedRx

Equitable HealthTech Solutions: Bridging Gaps in Neurological and Psychiatric Care

Jan Samzelius, Co-founder/CEO/Chief Scientist, NeuraMetrix

Forging Forward: RH Capital's Selective Strategy, Impactful Ventures, and Collaborative Engagement in Women's Health Innovation

Elizabeth Bailey, Managing Director, RH Capital

Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery: A Paradigm Shift towards Value-Based Care and Innovative Treatments

Soram Patel, Global Medical Execution Director, AstraZeneca

Revolutionizing Healthcare: A Paradigm Shift with Value-Based Care and Cutting-edge Innovation

Satjit Bhusri, Founder, Upper East Side Cardiology & Vein Institute

Pediatric Nutrition and Food As Medicine: A Career Journey and Strategies for Enhanced Healthcare Outcomes

Dr. Kofi Essel, Food as Medicine Director, Elevance Health

Optimizing Training and Onboarding for Seamless Adoption of Digital Health Technologies in Clinical Trials: Insights from ViVe Conference

Jena Daniels, VP, Patient Success, Medable

Exploring the Intersection of Telesocial Work and AI in Clinical Care

Nathan Schlicher, Chief Executive, Trusana, Providence

Guardians of Confidentiality: Navigating the Intersection of Privacy, HIPAA Compliance, and CPT Codes in Data Integrity Management

Donald Jones, Chief Digital Officer, Scripps Research
Karen Habercoss, Chief Privacy Officer, UChicago Medicine

Navigating Generational Differences in the Modern Workplace: Bridging the Gap, Embracing Diversity, and Adapting to Tech-Driven Dynamics

Tamra Ruymann, Chief of Digital Health, Physicians of Southwest Washington

Empowering Cardiovascular Wellness: Unveiling the Synergy of Recovery Plus in Heart Health

Zina Manji, Regulatory Affairs Leader, Global Fellow, HITLAB
Angie Kalousek, Senior Director, Lifestyle Medicine, Blue Cross California


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