Over two decades of digital health leadership.

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Innovation thrives where different experiences and perspectives come together. We are proud to be led by a diverse group of digital health leaders, innovators, and creators working to change the digital health landscape.

Meet our interdisciplinary team of anthropologists, statisticians, clinicians, engineers, economists, designers, entrepreneurs, and strategists. We're committed to using technology to improve and expand healthcare.


We are supported by the HITLAB Fellows and Scholars Community, an extensive network of digital health experts and industry professionals.



Stan Kachnowski  Chair

Stan Kachnowski

Beth Sullivan  Director, Experiences

Beth Sullivan
Director, Experiences

Rachel Figueroa  Director, Human Resources

Rachel Figueroa
Director, Human Resources

Katrina Mateo  Senior Manager, Research

Katrina Mateo
Senior Manager, Research

John Hammitt  Executive Director

John Hammitt
Executive Director

Margaret Griffin  Director, Ideation

Margaret Griffin
Director, Ideation

Robert Jahreis  Senior Director, Technology

Robert Jahreis
Senior Director, Technology

Ken Gardner  Deputy Director, Marketing & Communication

Ken Gardner
Deputy Director, Marketing & Communication


Join us in transforming digital health.

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Simply put, HITLAB is an exciting place to work. At the forefront of cutting-edge digital health innovation, our teams explore complex and interesting problems that require immediate solutions and have impact on global healthcare access and delivery. Diversity is at the heart of our value system and work processes, which makes for a rich learning environment. The nature of our mission ensures that our teams push boundaries of skill and knowledge, so they continue to grow throughout their tenure at HITLAB. Come join our team of people driven by simple values and one big picture strategy for digital health.

Career Path

If you’re interested in transforming healthcare through the innovative use of emerging technology, there’s a place for you at HITLAB. We help stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem leverage technology to increase their impact on health outcomes. Whether you have an interest in digital health strategy, technology development, or research and education, we provide professionals an opportunity to gain diverse exposure and responsibility across all service areas. With continued professional development and leadership opportunities, HITLAB offers a unique entrepreneurial startup environment built on a solid foundation built over two decades.

Professional development and leadership opportunities
Cutting-edge digital health innovation

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