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Over two decades of digital health leadership.


Innovating healthcare for over twenty years.

Innovation thrives where different experiences and perspectives come together. We are proud to be led by a diverse group of digital health leaders, innovators, and creators working to change the digital health landscape. In addition to our rock star employees, we are supported by an extensive network of digital health experts and industry professionals.

Learn more about the HITLAB Fellows and Scholars. 

Stan Kachnowski


Frank Fries

Director, Information Technology and Product Development

John Hammitt

Executive Director

Ken Gardner

Deputy Director, Marketing and Communication

Felipe De Los Santos

Chief of Staff

Margaret Griffin

Deputy Director, Ideation

Rachel Figueroa

Director, Human Resources

Laura Pugliese

Deputy Director, Innovation Research

Meet our interdisciplinary team of anthropologists, statisticians, clinicians, engineers, economists, and strategists. We're committed to using technology to improve and expand healthcare. 

Dale Barracks.jpg

Dale Barracks

Manager, Information Technology

Winnie Felix

Manager, Innovation Research

Katrina Mateo

Manager, Innovation Research

Devmalya Sarkar

Manager, HITLAB India

Sanjana Bhaskar

Senior Associate, HITLAB India

Pooja Malik

Senior Associate, HITLAB India 


Jamie Fialkoff

Associate, Educational  Events

Emily Goldsher-Diamond


Associate, Research

Wayne Hudson.jpg

Wayne Hudson

Associate, Development

Kathleen Lynch

Associate, Research

Aarti Pathak

Associate, HITLAB India

Melinda Richardson

Associate, Educational Events


Isobel Tanner

Executive Coordinator

Rachel Adams

Coordinator, Educational Events

Brigit Goebelbecker

Coordinator, Strategy

Claire Gutermuth

Coordinator, Research

Nora Landis-Shack.jpg

Nora Landis-Shack

Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Irfa Javed

Executive Assistant, HITLAB India


Ana Perez

Coordinator, Human Resources

Melissa Rodriguez.jpg

Melissa Rodriguez

Assistant, Human Resources

Shaiban Saeed.jpg

Shaiban Saeed

Assistant, Projects

Anu Joshi

Fellow, Delphi