Join us for the Fall 2021 HITLAB Women’s Health Tech Challenge

8 founders of companies at all stages of development will pitch their companies before our panel of esteemed judges.

Application Part 2

Finalize Your Application

We’d love to hear from you. Applications are accepted now from pre-seed, seed, series A, and NGO companies serving women’s health until Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

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2021 Women’s Health Tech Challenge Prizes

Series A Prizes

Non-Profit / Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Prizes

Series Seed Prizes

Venture Capital (VC) Prizes and Opportunities

Series Pre-Seed Prizes

Schedule of Events

September 30th

Applications Close

October 29th

Finalists Announced

October 29th

Exclusive Networking Session

November 8-11th

Bootcamp for Finalists

November 12th

Challenge Day

Judging Criteria

Applications will be judged based on the following items:

  • Impact: Will the innovation make an impact on a large population/large number of lives touched or a particularly strong impact on a smaller population?
  • Differentiation: Does the startup create competitive processes, products, and/or ideas compared to what is currently available?
  • Scalability: Does the company meet criteria that show it's capable of scaling to meet full value potential?
  • Technical feasibility: Does the startup have a product market fit and adequate resources for standing up the product in the market?
  • Economic feasibility: Do they have a clear business case articulated and an ability to raise and sustain funding?
  • Team: Does the startup have harmony and track record between its founding and management team?
  • Quality of Work: Is the pitch and value proposition clear and well-articulated?

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no application fee. HITLAB does not take equity from winners or participants, and there is no fee to accept prizes. There is no cost to innovators for applying or participating.

Finalists will give 2-min pitch, with 3-mins for questions

Ideally we are looking for early stage companies with less than $500,000 in annual revenue and between 5-10 million dollars (US) in total funding. The company should have a minimum viable product. This financial criteria is not rigid. Applicants must be based in the United States.
No, the Challenge Day on November 12, 2021 will be held entirely virtually. You will not be required to attend in-person. You or someone from your team will be required to attend the challenge virtually to complete your pitch, and all finalists will be required to complete mentorship bootcamp the week prior to the challenge, which will also take place virtually.
Finalists will be announced at the beginning of October via social media, press release, and newsletter.