The intersection of women's health and technology.

An initiative founded in 2018 with the mission of inspiring and accelerating the diffusion of innovative technologies that address unmet needs in women’s health

“The use of technology in women’s health is a rapidly evolving space, yet more must be done to create greater impact."

We're excited to welcome our newest executive committee member, Rachel Stahler, of Organon, to our team.

The future of women’s health is bright. 

The Women’s Health Tech Challenge invites innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups to propose novel solutions to fulfill unmet needs of women worldwide.


Femtech is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2025*


of women hold the purchasing power in their households*

Women’s Health Tech Wednesdays

Join us every week for a free, coffee table conversation on an engaging topic within women’s healthcare.

Right: Presenters at the Women’s Health Tech Innovators Showcase held on June 3rd, 2021

First Pitch Day

Continued Growth

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Our Program Leaders

Susan Solinsky

Director, Women’s Health Tech Initiative; Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Ellipsis Health

Ansley Bowen

Lead Coordinator

Our Vision

We seek to improve global women’s health by connecting early-stage startups with the resources they need to successfully launch innovations.

Our Mission

We facilitate access to advice on building, funding, and scaling women’s healthcare technology innovations through content, connectivity, and capital.

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Board Of Directors

Susan Solinsky

Director, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

Natalie Principe

President & Founder, ExtendHealth Consultants, Inc.

Kristopher Brown


Rachel Stahler

Chief Information Officer

Amy West

Head of US Digital Transformation & Innovation

Prem Tumkosit

Managing Director

Ella Seitz



Our Ambassadors

Dipty Desai

Effie Edusei

Gati Dharani

Jill Angelo

Abbie Strabala

Christina Vanvuren

Chrysanthi Kefala-Dori

Deb Smolensky

Rashmi Kilam

Carli Sapir

Teo Tijerina

Nathalie Feldman

Uche Udekwe

Rohit Joshi

Arun Agarwal

Johnson Hor

Saoimanu D. Sope

Andrea Ippolito

Ryan Splitler Ph.D

Joy Rios

Sari Kaganoff

Dr Mabel Yen Ngoc Nguyen

Julie Abrams

Sasha Cahill

Candice Smith

Rachel Trobman

Jedidah Karanja

Iman Abuzeid

Sarianne Gruber

Izza Hehre

Serena Editoiu

Nina Joshi

Nina Keshavarzi

Erin Sharoni

Nina Roth

Falak Muhammedi

Justin Bulova

Dr. Tahmida Nazreen

Meg Columbia Walsh

Mitzi Krockover

Tina Greenbaum

Tina Greenbaum

Kiran Suryadevara

Ruchi Dass

Pooja Majmudar