2019 HITLAB World Cup: Women’s Health Tech Challenge

We are on the lookout out for high-potential digital technologies that focus on improving women’s health and wellness throughout their lives. Concepts can focus on enhancing patient outcomes, lowering healthcare costs without compromising quality, making the management of patients more efficient, and improving their health and quality of life. Teams will be judged on the following criteria: Impact, Innovation, Sustainability, Feasibility, Team, and Quality of Work. See Official Contest Rules and Prize Descriptions for more details.

Applications are now closed. Thank you for applying!


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1. Name
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3. Phone number
Traction may include user testing, funding and sales.
Please include friends and family, awards, angel and venture funding.
May include: Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.
13. FUTURE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH BONUS PRIZES: If you are also applying for one of the bonus prizes, those prizes are available to everyone even if you are not a finalist. They are based on the specified criteria in the official content rules.
Dreamit Ventures is a venture fund and startup accelerator with a 14-week hybrid accelerator program that is conducted both virtually and in-person. It is open to startups that have early revenue and/or pilots and at least 6 months of runway. This prize gets you to the front of the line to be considered a candidate. Why should you be considered for this prize?
Horizon Government Affairs strategically aligns its clients with the forces of change; and helps provide the intelligence, relationships, or the alliances needed to make organizations successful, whether on Capitol Hill, with the Administration, or among their competitors or peers. Why should you be considered for this prize?
The McDermott law firm helps life sciences entrepreneurs on a mission to improve health through innovation, McDermott has created the Life Sciences Entrepreneurs Acceleration Program (LEAP). LEAP brings the right combination of people, skills and leadership to bear when you need it, helping aggressively grow your business and master your legal needs. Why should you be considered for this prize?
Republic is an investment crowdfunding platform through which private U.S. companies can seek investments from the general public under the provisions of Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (known as the “JOBS Act”). Why should you be considered for this prize?
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