Twice a year, HITLAB honors team members whose achievements have been truly extraordinary. On May 27, 2014, the staff gathered at Columbia University Medical Center’s Faculty Club for the organization’s Spring Semester Awards Luncheon. Following a delicious lunch, Stan Kachnowski, HITLAB’s Chair, described each honoree’s outstanding contributions.

This spring’s awardees include:

·         Ashish Jha, Commitment to HITLAB.

Ashish Jha, who is a Manager at HITLAB, has displayed suburb dedication as he’s worked to establish our presence in India. He is currently leading efforts to expand HITLAB's team there, and is also exploring new grant opportunities throughout Asia. In addition, he’s collaborated on numerous projects. 

For over two years, he has shown remarkable commitment to our organization and its goals, and we are very grateful.

·         Laura Pugliese, Excellence in Research.

Laura serves as Senior Associate at HITLAB where she conceptualizes, develops, and implements research projects to improve healthcare worldwide. 

Laura displays exceptional intelligence as she considers all aspects of a research project, including its design, execution, and ethical implications. As importantly, she is able to apply her intellectual understanding in customizing projects for real life settings. We’re thankful for the standard of excellence she sets.

·         Ben DeCoudres, Waveney Golbourne Award.

The Waveney Golbourne Award honors staff members who display kindness, generosity, patience, and commitment to all they encounter within our extended community, including the Mary Woodward Lasker Hall, the Audubon Biomedical Center, and the larger Columba University campus.

Ben DeCoudres has brought tremendous warmth, as well as dynamic energy, to his role as Senior Associate at HITLAB. Working primarily on innovation strategy projects, Ben has been a wonderful teammate.

As a student mentor and teaching assistant at Columbia University, Ben mentored many students, helping them with both course work and career choices—his passion inspiring them all. He has certainly inspired us as well!

Congratulations to all our honorees! We are proud of the work you do.