Director, Global Market Market Leader, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Columbia-Walsh is one of the most successfully exited female tech entrepreneurs and CEOs in the country building and selling 4 companies to the Fortune 200 and an IPO. Those include: HealthTech Digital, Founder and CEO – Sold to Interpublic Group (IPG); CBSHealthWatch, Founder and CEO, the first commercial website for consumers – Sold 33% to CBS Corp. and then led an IPO;, CEO – Sold to Pharmacia and Upjohn and Inverse Mobile, Founder and CEO – Sold to Ernst & Young. She is also a co-founder and investor in Wylei Inc., a Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company. Meg is also a Columbia University Alumni and coached as well.

Meg feels that record is critical to promote to younger entrepreneurs as it is a rare accomplishment for men or women. But for LGBTQ+ men and women, the funding and recognition is still a huge challenge. She was awarded the StartOUT Ogilvy Innovator of the Year Award and that was one of her most cherished. Corporations are beginning to put real effort into Diversity and Inclusion, but until the actions match the public relations, she feels we have tremendous work left to do.